Monday, January 16, 2012


As many of you know, Tripp has returned home and is no longer in pain. Brian and I are heartbroken for his wonderful mama, Courtney but we're so grateful that he is enjoying the peace that we've all prayed for. He was such a great fighter and will never be forgotten. He has touched all of our hearts.  He will be missed, but never forgotten.

Monday, January 9, 2012

FINALLY- an update!

not the best photo of Keira, but I love how big Daylon thinks he is in the one!
    It's been almost 2 months since my last post! I can't believe I've let time get away from me like this! A huge thanks to all of you who have phoned, email or Facebooked me about Daylon's progress. Your support is incredible! Since November, we've been busy getting ready for and enjoying the holidays. Between school and  church Christmas activities and our family traditions we've stayed very busy. Today is actually, the big kids first day back from break!

Christmas morning wearing the hat Caleb bought him for a gift
  Daylon LOVED the Christmas season. He really doesn't have a clue about Santa, but he enjoys saying "Ho!Ho!Ho!" every time he sees a bearded man and now seems to understand that Jesus was once a baby. He loved the lights, tearing wrapping paper, Christmas songs and his new joy: Hershey kisses. He surprised us all with his willingness to stay away from the village, wrapped presents and lower ornaments on the tree once we told him that they were off limits. Possibly, more than Christmas, he enjoyed New Year's Eve. We always celebrate Eastern Standard Time New Years with the kids. We watch the ball drop, have sparkling apple cider and the bang on pots and pans to ring in the New Year. He was a little madman with his spoon and pot. It made me so happy to see him light up like that! I couldn't help but think of how far he's come over the last year. I am so grateful for the many, MANY blessings we've seen in our lives.

New Years Eve at Gma + Gpa De La Cerda's. I was smart enough this year to not pass out spoons until 30 secs were left! Haha!

     At the moment, Daylon's skin is going through a bit of a rough patch, but I'm sure it will begin to heal soon. His foot, back, back of his neck and diaper area have opened up and been a bit of a problem for him. We've just come to expect these changes in his skin and pray that they will continue to become further and further apart. The problems with his foot kept him from standing for a couple weeks, but just over this weekend, I've seen him pull himself up once or twice. I just wish his foot would heal so he could start walking. He gets so frustrated that he can't keep up with other kids. It tugs at my heart strings watching him try to make friends.

Enjoying the Claim Jumpers "Mother Load Chocolate Cake" on our date night with the boys. If you couldn't tell from his face, he LOVED it!
     One of the biggest and most exciting piece of news, is that we were given the "OK" for Daylon to attend church and the movies. That means two things: one, he is now healthy enough to completely be out in public and two, we can start attending church as a family for the first time since his BIRTH!!!! Going to church is something the other four kids were brought up doing every Sunday and now Daylon can participate too. We've been waiting for this for such a long time!

Silly boys

    As far as development, Daylon is doing great. He says about 50 words now and understands most of what's being said to him. He is such a little miracle. He's learn to climb the stairs at lightning speed and pull himself up onto chairs using his arms. You know that saying, "When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade"? That Daylon through and through. He has so many obstacles and he either hurdles them or finds a way around. He's taught himself how to use his knee as a foot and has switched to left handed since his right side doesn't work quite as well.



Mad (he wanted a "cup")

Sad ("no cup until you say please and ask nicely")

...and so he did. :)
     More than anything, I notice that Daylon is happy. He's spunky and sometimes even naughty (he's even been in time-out!) and I know it sounds crazy, but it makes me so happy! His smile just melts hearts. He's such a silly, little monkey. He has had more trials than I have ever known another to have, but he's finally able to enjoy life. Everyday we witness God's hand in our life and it's such a blessing. We are so thankful for all of the progress he's made and all the obstacles he's overcome.  We're thankful for Dr. Tolar and Dr. Wagner and their research and the desire that they have to help save these beautiful butterfly children.
   We're thankful to all of you for stopping by and checking in on Daylon. Although, I'm not always the most faithful blogger, I am always so grateful for the army of people around the world who love our son and our family and support us in this journey. We love you.