Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Class clown

 I can TOTALLY see Daylon being the class clown. All of our kids can be quite the little ham (I kind of think all kids are) but Daylon is the hammiest of the hams in our sty (play on words-not that our house is a the moment). He will do anything for a laugh, which is always reassuring for a parent; especially the parents of such a fragile guy. He will throw his head back and fall over, growl, randomly bark at those hear a pin drop reverent moments, smack himself with a plastic stick, etc, etc all in the name of humor. He can have us rolling easy-peasey.
  Here he is about two months ago when he started feeling better and his true colors started to shine.

   It's kind of funny to see how much more he's talking in such a short period. Anyway, his latest trick is launch his booster seat backwards so it's on two legs (he crashes into the wall). Yeah. I think I may have a heart attack.
The whole point of this post was to tell you all about his latest stunt. Just a little bit of a back story, Daylon is puking up anything solid so he sticks to drinking. He loves to drink milk specifically. If he's sitting, he has a cup. I think you got the drift. We tend to stick to open cups at the table because they're less likely to hurt his mouth. Okay, so story time. We're all at the dinner table, dinner is winding down and I want to show Brian how Daylon's coming on his counting.
 Me- Watch this Brian! (turn to face Daylon) Daylon, let's show Daddy how big you're getting. Can you count?
Daylon- no!
Daylon-(blows raspberry)
Me- (laughing) Ok. Count with Mommy!
Me and Daylon together- One...Two...
Me- Three!
Daylon apparently thought I meant, "...on three" when I asked him to count because when we got to three, he launched his milk cup across the table and all over dinner. We all jumped, I may or may not have gasped audibly and the kids just thought it was the funniest thing ever. Brian and I tried not to laugh, but truth be told, I'm a lot better at it than he is. :) It's definitely not something I want repeated, but it was so good to see a kid whose had little to no personality since his stroke, really act like a kid. I've really enjoyed watching the old him reemerge from his brain, even happier and crazier than before. Thank you for all your prayers! They're working!


jeanine said...

Yea Daylon! So good to see he's feeling his old self again!

Heidi said...

=-) Good to hear! Also, I think you should update the pic at the top of your blog with the one in this post.. it's adorable!

Mom to Many said...

Love the video! What a little ham bone!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so good to read about it! And he looks so happy! You really deserve some good laugh after all you've been through!


Anonymous said...

So glad to see this post. Daylon really is alittle ham. What a little monkey he is. it is so great to see the videos and to see and hear Daylon and the other kiddos having a great time. Daylon is really looking great. Thanks to his great and loving parents. He is a true miracle. Miss the kiddos and love them so much. Can't wait to see them. Hope to see all of you real soon. Give all the kiddos a big hug and kiss for us. We Love all of you so much. Take Care, God Bless.

All Our Love;
Myrna & Dwight