Friday, July 22, 2011


I have a post that I've been working on every now and again, when I find a chance. Things have been busy. In the meantime, please read and comment on Tripp's and his momma, Courtney's blog. Tripp has Junctional Herlitz EB too (but much worse than Daylon is now) and is very sick. She is experiencing the moments that Brian and I have dreaded for two years and my heart just breaks for her. Thank you all so much for all the support you've offered our family over the last year. It's meant the world to us.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Daylon!

  Daylon's birthday is tomorrow! I can hardly believe our little guy is going to be two years old! I never thought we would ever celebrate his second birthday, so this is a dream come true. Daylon loves, loves, LOVES balloons, so it made sense to us to have a balloon (and polka dot) themed party. He was in HEAVEN! Because Daylon's immune system isn't quite what it should be at this point post transplant we kept the kid list to just cousins and our EB BMT family. It was hotter than hot (I believe it was 100F) at 4pm when the party started. I was so nervous to have Daylon outside in that kind of heat, but close to 5 o'clock or so, we ended up testing the waters and having him go outside. He sat under the canopy for some protection and had a blast. All in all, his skin did beautifully and handle the heat with out any blisters or breakdowns. Woo-hoo! All five of my siblings (and their families) were able to fly down, along with my 3 Aunts and several of there kids (we planned it to go along with a family reunion). We loved seeing everyone and celebrating with so many loved ones. Because my mind (and consequently, words) are failing me and this moment, I'm just going to show pictures. Here we go!

The Pops came down from Sacramento area (an all day drive)! It was so fun to see them and the Ringgolds!

the kids loved playing with Chloe and Ali for the first time since Minnesota

Balloon Games

 A balloon pinata

Daylon thought smacking the pinata with the bat was pretty cool! He almost didn't get a turn because I honestly, didn't think he would get it or care. I'm so glad he loved it!

The hit that did her in!

this cake looked better at the beginning of the party. The balloons are rice crispy treats and were sitting on dowels, but the blazing heat melted the marshmallows and fell completely through. I voted to throw them out after that happened (like 30 mins into the party) but my aunt Gwen  had an idea to just set them on top. It works I think. Not my best cake, but oh well. Daylon liked it and that's what counts, right?.  =P

Daylon got his own cake to dive into. We figured that since he was in a coma for his first birthday, it was only fair! :)  

look at him grab it!

 Balloon toys

For one activity, our good family friend, Gloria made balloon animals, hats, weapons, and jewelry for everyone.

Some more of our LONG DISTANCE travelers

Aunt Lindsay (from Idaho) holding cousin Elizabeth (from Utah)

this pictures cracks me up of my dad. Anyway, he next to Sara and Donald from Vancouver, WA

Aunt Gloria (CO) and Aunt Marla (WA)


Presents! (Big thanks to Becky for taking the present pictures!)

We ended the party with a water balloon fight that turned into a full out war.
I stayed inside to save my camera so the pictures aren't the best.

My only regret (besides the heat, which there's no changing) is that I took more pictures. I was so busy running around that I missed some great moments. We feel so blessed to have been able to spend two great years with Daylon! We love you, son! Happy Birthday!!

Stay tuned for an actual birthday post hopefully (fingers crossed) this weekend.