Monday, June 18, 2012

Dance Central 2

  We've had an XBox Kinect for about a year now and Daylon has never cared a moment that he was missing out on all the fun...until last week. This kid has developed a full on LOVE affair with Dance Central 2.  Keep in mind, it's hot here in Southern California these days and his feet have just become a fester of blisters over the last 2 weeks which has kept him from walking. He doesn't really walk anyway, but lately he crawls 100% of the time. That is, until DC2 is on. He loves himself a good tune. His spastic dancing in the car has been cracking us up for months and he can get a slight peek of that here! Enjoy!!


Aviles Family said...

When do you guys head for Minnesota? That was the cutest little dancer I've ever seen. Adorable!

Mom to Many said...

It's interesting to see music is what gets him on his feet. We have a daughter that did not walk for a long time for different reasons, but music is what got her on her feet.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely LOVE a Daylon video! Will be watching for updates on your trip to MN

Praying from Waterford, MI
Kim M

Anonymous said...

Omg! He is adorable! Just started reading your blog and have fallen in love with your sweet baby!

Stacey said...

Love his little dance moves.

~ Stacey

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Hope all is well!!!


Anonymous said...

Haven't heard about this little guy in a long time. Thinking of you often and hope all is well.