Saturday, May 22, 2010

crazy days

Hey all!

Things in Minnesota have been crazier than ever. As I sit here and write, I'm listening to an unexpected thunder storm and wondering if Daylon and Brian are getting wet on there walk back from the clinic. If so...BANDAGE TIME...again! Ugh! Anyway, the past few days have been crammed fulAdd Imagel of appointments.

Thursday, we did more labs which were painless thanks to the central line. We worked with the nurse coordinator and the Dr. since the inevitable happened...Daylon got the kids bug. The Dr. put him on a nebulizer to help with his raspy breathing. So far, it's been working really well. At the same time I had Daylon seeing the BMT Dr., Brian had the other four kids at the urgent care where Sadie was put on a nebulizer as well. She too is doing better. The kids have enjoyed playing "Doctor" (wearing their Mickey masks) when we have to pass through the common areas.

Anyway, after the Dr. visit, we went to an Apheresis consult. On the off chance that Daylon's body fights off Caleb's bone marrow, they will harvest Daylon's blood cells (before chemo) and put them back into his body so as not to leave his bone marrow empty. That consultation was REALLY long and boring and my lack of sleep caught up with me. Yes, you guessed it. I kept dozing during it!! It was like some sort of scene in a movie. Just me and Daylon and the Dr. in a cubicle and I'm losing my balance and nearly slipping off the chair during snoozes. :) After that catastrophe, Daylon got a CT, with no sedation I might add! Next was a echocardiogram and we were done. The Child Life people here are great. Child Life is a program are people who focus on making the young patients comfortable and worry about their psychological well-being. They are on the family's side through everything. Plus it's great because if something scary is going to happen to Daylon, they're there blowing bubbles, playing with lighted toys, etc. Several days he's gotten to bring home toys or balloons. Thursday was Superhero day at the hospital and they celebrated the hero that each little patient is.

On Friday Daylon underwent a test called a GFR. Basically, they inject him with something and test his blood 2 hours later and then in 45 minutes intervals for several hours to see how his kidneys are processing the injection. Caleb had his labs drawn, a chest X-ray and a physical. That we know of, everything looks good. We're looking forward to a relaxing weekend with only 15 min. visits a day to the BMT clinic (to flush the central line). Hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend!

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