Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thank You!

We wanted to start a blog detailing Daylon's journey with EB and his upcoming Bone Marrow transplant at the University of Minnesota so all of our family and friends can be updated on his condition and this is it! Welcome! We'll post every few days as things happen.
Before we get to Daylon, Brian and I wanted to thank everyone so very much for all that has been done for our family the last 9 months. When Daylon was first diagnosed cards, meals, fluffy blankets, money and prayers were given to our family by so many of our family and friends. We have had the support and prayers needed to care for a baby with EB and still live a sane life. As dramatic as it may sound, we would not have been able to make it through all this without knowing we had people who loved our family standing behind us. Our immediate family gave us nothing but support when we told them of the risky procedure we decided to enroll Daylon in back in Feb. Our lives and the way we will forever think of the world changed in the end of March when we returned from our consultation at the U of M. My mom (Barbara De La Cerda) volunteered to help us raise money for all of the upcoming expenses. Once the information of the transplant and fundraiser was announced we were absolutely shocked how quickly people rushed to help us. It seems like every person we know, or have every known, opened their hearts and reached out to us. It's been an emotional 5 weeks for us. I wish I could thank every person individually for all that they have done. The world seemed like a scary place a month ago, but now we know that the silent majority are wonderful, loving people. We have had more people than I can count want to offer their support and encouragement that we've never met. It's so inspiring. As for the people in our everyday life; we are absolutely amazed how much people love Daylon and our family. Our hearts are filled and our dream of trying to save our son is becoming a reality. Thank you so much! We want to especially thank my mom for hosting the fundraisers. Without her none of this would be possible. The event May 1st all but consumed her every waking moment. Thanks mom! We also want to thank our sister-in-law Jessica. She was a pro with organizing the Walk-a-thon and the website! Her time and willingness to help us has been a blessing in our life! Thank you!
I'll post this week with info on Daylon's G-tube surgery as soon as we get word!


sharon kaye said...

I heard that the fund rasier/walk-a-thon was a big success. I wish I could have been there. I send my love to all of you. We miss you.

Alison said...

Oh, so sweet. Just wish we could do more. It just breaks my heart. We'll pray for success.