Thursday, June 24, 2010

TRANSPLANT DAY!! Caleb to the Rescue!

The big day has arrived!

Caleb, our little hero
Brian had to bring Caleb to the hospital at 5:30 am. The hospital has been so great about making the kids understand what is happening and helping Caleb's nerves to stay calm. Yesterday they gave him a mask just like the one they used today to knock him out and he got to pick his favorite lip smackers to scribble all over the mask. He chose the sweet smell of rootbeer to fall asleep to! Caleb's bone marrow was pretty concentrated, so they were able to get what they needed in the sample alone! Were still waiting on the blister te
st results, so we'll keep you posted.
Caleb is already playing and wanting Daddy to "fly" him through the air.What a speedy recovery!
He's a bit loopy, so we just can't help but laugh at some of what he says and does!
Daylon's transplant was at 12 p.m. The chemo is of course, still wearing on him, so he wasn't always the happiest little guy. They hooked the line up to the tip top of the central line and let it drain into him as fast as gravity would allow. The line was a little clogged at first but after a flush and moving him, it went much faster. It was over in no time! Transplant stage complete!
Ready! Set! GO! Last few drops!

The hospital is really great about making each kid feel special. Each of the kids got a soft teddy bear and the boys each got HUGE balloons and two toys. Caleb loves his new Cars toys and Daylon is really enjoying his new mobile and glow worm.

I want to get this out asap, so that's about all for now.

Oh! PS- Brian and Caleb were wrestling yesterday and Caleb hit Brian in the mouth with his noggin. Yep, he loves sporting his new look! Woo-hoo! The dentist saw it last night and will have it all fixed up tomorrow. Thanks for all your kind words and prayers! They keep us going!

The girls showing off their new butterfly shirts in support of their "Butterfly Baby's" big day


Jan's Blog said...

My prayers are with you. GROW CELLS! GROW!

Alina_Hernandez said...

So HAPPY to hear that everything went well today! :) I have been refreshing the page all day! =)

Like I said in a previous post.. I don't know your family on a personal level but I just LOVE baby Daylon! :) and Caleb is a HERO!

jeanine said...

Yea! Glad that everything seems to be going well. It seems that CAleb did great! What a blessing! Love you!

Nancy said...

Yay!!! I've been thinking about you guys all day and praying for Daylon & Caleb. Glad the transplant is done and everyone's doing ok. Woohoo!

Amy F. P. said...

We are praying for you!!! My heart goes out to your sweet children. What a blessing they are.

Bella's Blessings said...

Yay, Daylon! Happy transplant day! Bella sent you a shout out at the Turtle Derby today! She also left you a little picture on your door. We are right there with you guys, praying all the way. GROW CELLS, GROW!


So glad everything went smoothly today!! GROW CELLS GROW!!!! What a great hospital for your kids to be taken care of in!!!! Great job Caleb for being able to help your brother out! Daylon feel better and get some rest ALL are in our!!!!!!

sharon kaye said...

We are glad all went well. Our prayers are with you.

Linda said...

So happy that transplant day is over and everyone seems just fine. God Bless Caleb for what he has done for his brother. Glad he recovered so fast.
Will be praying so hard for Daylon to start feeling better and to kick some EB butt.
Lots of prayers and good wishes coming your way. Give Daylon a gentle hug and kiss for me. Love my EB cuties!!!! Love Leah's Nana

Joseph and Tiffany said...

So glad it's going well. Caleb--you're the man!! Keep us updated when you've got time!

Patrice said...

So glad to hear things went as well as can be expected. Praying for you and thinking of you all the time. GROW CELLS GROW!

Mom to Many said...

We are praying for you!