Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day + 163 - Daylon update

Yesterday was Sadie's and Violet's 3rd Birthday and Daylon was sicker than a dog. He was vomiting ALL. DAY. LONG. Let's just say that the good hours of the day he puked 4 or 5 times. We did our family tradition breakfast of the candle in the donut and then got the kids ready for preschool. While Brian was gone walking the kids down to school, Daylon threw up (somehow) in his hair, so I decided to give him his first real bath since May...with the hope that it would be the first bath ever that he enjoyed.

 I don't know what I was thinking. Big mistake. He was fussy all morning and he was fussy in the bath. Not to mention, that once I got him in the tub I realized that it was impossible to wash his hair without getting his Hickman wet. I knew there was a reason he hadn't been in the tub. :) I held him while Brian washed his hair over the tub, then we did a dressing change, two line changes and dressed him all with intermittent vomiting. Total time? One hour! Not bad, if I do say so myself! :) We cuddled for about a half hour and he calmed down. I'll save you from the day blow-by-blow and just say that the entire day was changing him and trying to cuddle and soothe one very fussy boy... over and over again. Brian took the older four to go see Disney's "Tangled" for the girl's b-day and they had a blast, so the twins did enjoy their birthday.

Daylon showing off his first haircut (not counting the one chemo gave him)

  Today Brian took Daylon to dialysis, while the kids (ha!) and I packed. Holy smokes. It's amazing how much JUNK you can accumulate in 7 months! It took me the WHOLE DAY to pack up only about a quarter of our what? 400 or 500 sq feet?!

                                  Grandma, Papa and Grandma M&M singing "Happy Birthday" over the phone (Violet was sung to first and I didn't think to get the camera out. :(  )

Whole lot a junk and four little helpers who were suddenly very interested with whatever I put in the boxes. :) Brian called me at 2 this afternoon and said that Daylon was running a 101F temp, so he was admitted to the hospital following dialysis. He'll be in the hospital for a minimum of three days (that's the rule for a fever) and on Vanco (IV antibiotics). They sent his blood to be checked for infection, so we should hear back in the morning. There doesn't look to be an infection on his skin anywhere, so I don't think it's wound related. What ever this is, bug or infection, I pray it will end soon. Please continue to keep our little man in your prayers. Thanks for all your support!
Sweet dreams.

Someone randomly dropped off a b-day cake at the RMH and the office gave it us!
PS- The weather here is so crazy! The weatherman says it was the coldest day today since Feb. 1st. Minnesota received 6-13 inches of snow (depends where you are... Minneapolis was 7.2 inches) last night.


sharon kaye said...

I'm glad the twins had a good birthday. It is hard to believe that they are three years old. That is crazy about Daylon's fever and vomiting. We continue to pray for him.

Mom to Many said...

It's 4 am here. Have not gone to bed yet. Teens want to talk at peculiar times. :o) Thought I'd check in before I am off to bed.

I love the continuity if the favorite dough nut tradition. You and Brian have done an AMAZING job! What lucky kids you have.

Poor Daylon does not even know what a treat he had today. A real tub bath. Hickman or no what a mile stone. Sorry the mile stone was surrounded cover in puke. None the less it is a great milestone.

I hope the bug goes away soon.


Mom to Many said...

P.S. I know what kind of crap you can collect in a 500 sq ft space. We lived for a year with 4 children and then had our 5th was born in a tiny basement apt no bigger than that while we saved for our first house.

You are a trooper.

The McLaughlins said...

Looks like the girls enjoyed their birthday donuts. I love that tradition!!

I'm so sorry to hear that Daylon is still so sick. It sounds like he is worse now than he was on Friday when you posted. Poor little guy. It's no fun throwing up, let alone all day long. I will pray for him today as I do everyday but also ask God to please help him get over his fever and throwing up.

I love his new hair do. Such a handsome little guy!! And I LOVE his glasses!! He looks like Clark Kent!!

Lots of Love,
Amber McLaughlin, CA

Jess Edling said...

I bet packing is gonna be FUN. ;) I'm cleaning out your cars this week so they'll be all nice & shiny for you guys when you get home.

Poor Daylon. I hope he kicks the flu soon! I had it last week - not fun.

LOVE YOU! Cannot wait to see you guys!!

Anonymous said...

So so cute. I miss these kids, and you guys, so much. Daylon has come such a long way and looks so cute I can't wait to see him all grown up. Last time I saw him in person he was a wee 1 month old about. About 2 weeks!! yay! <3 lindsay

Anonymous said...

such a cutie with the glasses!!! He'll kick this fever in the problem for our little hero. As always prayers going up for all of you.
Bernie in California. xoxox

Amber said...

hey-packing anything with 4 kids around is an exercise in futility!

Aviles Family said...

I love his glasses! He really does look like Clark Kent! So handsome!
Like Amber said-doing much of anything with 4 kids can seem pointless sometimes. But your kids are such good kids. It will all work out!
I can't wait to see you in the summer time! I got a babysitting job so I won't be able to come for the whole summer, but I can come for at least a week. :) I hope to see you then.
love you!

Kim M said...

Hospitalization must be disappointing but I am praying they find whatever has a hold on him! Praying he gets rid of the fever and whatever is causing it and you are all back together real soon. How exciting to be packing but what a job!

Gilda said...

Poor baby definately in my prayers today, glad to hear your girls had a great birthday.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that Daylon had to be hospitalized. Sure hope he gets over the bug quickly, the fever $ starts to feeling better. What a trooper he is, and he is so cute. Love his glasses and his new haircut. What a handsome little boy. So happy to hear that the twins had a great birthday. They are so precious and so blessed to have you as their parents. So exciting to be packing, but boy what a job that is. Wish we could be there to help you out. Our thoughts and many prayers are with Daylon and all of you. You are so strong and so loving and caring, things will work out. Heavenly Father is watching over Baby Daylon and will give him the strength to got better and come back to CA. Keep the Faith and May Our Heavenly Father comfort all of you and give you the strength to get everything together for a safe and pleasant trip back to CA. We are so excited to see all of you. Our Prayers are with all of you and we love you.
Take Care & God Bless.

All Our Love;
Myrna & Dwight CA

Take Care & God Bless.

TinaZCA said...

Saw this article this morning online. Looks like a new EB child will soon be arriving in MN!

Mom to Many said...

I hope things go well for Charlie.
It will be a long haul. Everyone here knows that.

Jamie said...

Praying for strength for you and Daylon. happy birthday to the twins!

Elle's Family said...

Hard to see Daylon so sick, poor baby! He actually looks great and I live the glasses. Give the twins birthday kisses from me. I really understand the packing thing! I'm falling asleep myself, Leaving Disneyland in a few hours.