Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day +28: Before and After

So, here are the pictures of Daylon! Please keep in mind that his skin got worse after transplant (thanks to swelling and chemo) so the good that you see has happened really quickly. Normally, his skin takes one to several months to heal. It will take years for the EB to actually go away, but it's a start! Here we go...

Left Hand:

Day+0 Day +10


Left Palm:

Day +18

Day +28

Left Arm:

Day+0Day +10


Right Hand:



Right Arm:

Day +10



Day +0

Day +28

Right Leg:

Day +0Day+28

Right Foot:

Day +0

Day+28 (infection)

Left Leg:

Day+0 Day+28

Left Knee:

Day +10


Left Foot:


Day +28 (infection)


jeanine said...

Oh my word! The healing is incredible!!! that's awesome!!!

bryna said...

I have a ? Since he is not moving and b/c he is so swollen could u leave him bandage free so his wounds could heal with the fresh air. And just put the creams on him but leave him naked?

Amy F. P. said...

Daylon's skin is looking so good. That must be so exciting. It's wonderful to see the pictures and the progress.
Thanks for all the updates. You and your family are so strong. We're praying for your family and Daylon and the doctors and think of you often.


Wow he is healing.... So happy

Anonymous said...

Many, many prayers of healing for little Daylon. Prayers too for you and your whole family. (I started reading your blog after reading Jonah's).

Mary Ann

Jennifer said...

Hi Jen,
You don't know me but I am a friend of EJ, Sam and Kenzie. I am a counselor at the skin camp that they all go to each summer. I have to tell you from all of the EB kids I work with, your son has the most beautiful fingers I have EVER seen! I was reading some of your history and realized I live quite close to you all in Murrieta. When you bring your baby home, there are a bunch of us out here and I will put together a team to help you. We are all bandaging pros! I am praying for Daylon and your family. Much love, Jen Pham