Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day + 133 Part one

I have a post written that I'll post tomorrow. Daylon is doing well..some more bumps in the road, but nothing major. Right now I beg all of you to visit Elle's blog and leave her parents some words of encouragement. Please pray for Elle and the Pops. Please pray for the children in the world who suffer with EB and the families who watch them suffer. Please pray for a cure. We need you.


Jan's Blog said...

The link must be wrong. It doesn't go where I think you want it to go. I'm praying for Elle and I want to leave them a message. Thanks.

Emily said...

if that doesn't work I clicked on her name on the right side (she is listed as one of Daylons friends) and it came up. :)

Anonymous said...

oh dear. no post from becky and a special post asking for prayers for elle from the edlings. your request has been granted. and thank you for being a support to the pops.