Friday, November 5, 2010


The link to Elle's blog was incorrect in my last post. Sorry! Try or click on her name to the right of the screen,under Daylon's EB friends.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer - I'm a friend of a friend of Bella's parents and became familiar with Daylon's blog through that. I'm so glad he's doing so much better!! Love that smile! I saw your post a day or two ago where you spoke of returning to CA, mentioned the scarcity of pediatric dialysis and your hope that CHOC did it. You probably have your answer by now, but just in case....

My daughter works at St. Josephs Hospital in Orange CA which is affiliated with CHOC directly across the street. I asked her to check into this and she has been told that CHOC does support pediatric dialysis, however it is performed at St. Josephs across the street. Normal referral/transfer process.

I hope this helps. I wish Daylon and your entire family all the best and will continue to keep you and all of the EB families in my prayers.

God Bless


Kim M said...

Keeping you in prayer, I'm sure it is a tough time for all EB families, but especially for those going through the BMT. Love your family and continuing to pray for all of you.

Kim M
Waterford, MI